It is with huge regret due to the ongoing Covid 19 situation and zero financial support from the government this business has become insolvent.

Therefore we have been forced into a position that it is impossble to trade with immediate effect.

If you have a holiday scheduled with us in the future, you will need to contact your insurer to reclaim any monies paid.

We are sincerely very sorry for this situation and we have worked throughout the lockdown to try to find ways to get through this.

20th July 2020

Update 24th July 2020
We would like to add some more information for our bookers, after extensive comment on social media from a few individuals.


Our houses do exist, there are even comments from people who have been there.
A trade supplier who has worked at them.
A person who has booked a stay and had made an appoitment to visit us there, but did not turn up and left us waiting there. Person JH
A local person who has stayed at one of the houses who said how lovely it was.
Also people who visited one of the houses in the last couple of weeks regarding their booking, who witnessed us working at the house in readiness for the reopening after lockdown. 2 Ladies.


It has been our intention to continue the business into the future. We have been working at the houses up until Sunday 19th July, doing works in the grounds,
and general maintenance that is constantly needed. Readying the houses and grounds for the bookings from late July onwards.
We have invoices in the last 2 weeks for the extra things that have been deemed necessary to be able to continue stays complying to Covid guidance.
Including things more like mattress protectors, pillow protectors etc etc.
Many of these are still unpacked at the houses.

The houses are mortgaged. They are effectively owned by the bank via a mortgage. We have zero equity in them.


The photographs are ours and taken by myself. They are not copied from another website or from the internet. We obviously have these photographs and hundreds of original files.


We are not continuing to advertise holidays in anyway.
We have removed our website, our social media and have removed all of our paid advertising.

Sadly there are websites that we have been listed on in the past, who dont remove the details, as they like to keep their pages full.

You are more than welcome to try to book a spurious stay, which we have had many. You will not be able to, our business has closed.


I have not been able to claim monies from the government as my earnings from self employment have come from property. This is a seperate section on a tax return.
This seperate section is exempt from any of the government help.
This meant I was one of the people who fell through the funding gap. We have not been raking it in as someone commented.


People have asked and commented about moving booking forward to next year or in the future. If only it were that simple.

We could have easily done that, but if we had done so, we would have known full well that we would never be able to honour dates in the future as we have no ongoing income,
meaning the business would still have ended will bills not being paid.


It was a condition of booking that you had Travel Insurance to cover the booking. You had to confirm this upon booking.
Cancellations do happen in group stays, there are many reasons why a group might need to cancel.

It is for this reason we make it compulsary for any booking to have insurance in place. It is a very sad fact that people have been affected over this period, but goes to show why the travel insurance is needed.

We have had guests who have claimed from their insurance and received payouts. They do not payout easily, they need to be badgered, but they do payout.
If they are trying to avoid paying out, keep trying.
We were given advice at the start that we should take this route to ask guests to claim via insurance.


Government guidlines once again changed on Thursday 17th July.

The guidance was then devolved to local authorties, who had the power to close down any business who were breaking Government Guidance. The guidance stated groups should be made up of no more than 2 families.
There was a statement from PASC a industry body, informing that any businesses breaking the guidlines wouod be breaching Health and Safety regulations and could be prosecuted and closed down.
Although we were told that the current guidance would change by August it the transpired with the announcement on July 17th 2020 that this would not be changing for the forseeable future and the business
would need to remain closed until at least Christmas


As I have already said, it was the intention to carry the business forward. It is our only family income. There is zero equity in the houses, so nothing to fall back on.

To be able to have done this we have taken on more debt and borrowed from family.

We have throughout the lockdown had a small number of individuals who have made it increasingly difficult for the business. Endless social media posts and comments, a feature on TV and a Facebook Group.
These persons had stays during the lockdown so the bookings were affected by Covid.

Sadly it appears rather than trying to claim on their travel insurance the effort was made into hounding our business, with the risk to future bookings.

Many of the comments which have been made are simply untrue, blatant lies. Eg, The houses dont exist. The photos are copied. Selling fake holidays. These social media content ramped up extensively circa 18th July.

These comments are untrue, blatant lies and very much libellous. They obviously get a huge negative reaction from anyone who sees them, as is usual on social media. Often these commenting people have no connection
whatsoever or know the facts.

The online harassment has become so extensive, threatening, damaging and untrue that All of the Originators, Admins, Commenters, Posts, Comments, Images will now be under invesigation and
subject to forthcoming action where deemed appropriate.

Very sadly for anyone who had bookings made for anydate forward from Monday 24th July, it is this hounding and slur on the business by these few individuals that has finished it off.

Since the lockdown restrictions were lifted on July 4th, we had been able to take an existing booking on the weekend of 10th July.
This was our first since March.
We even had a gentlman associated with the group book an appointment to see a house this week, with the possibility of booking a stay for himeslf.
Sadly we had to cancel him. We obviously hold the emails for this to be able to prove it.

If it had not been for these actions it was probably that we could have survived and been able to honour future bookings and carrying on the business as best we could in these difficult times.

Once again I am hugely sorry for anyone who has been affected.